Volume 8, Issue 2, May 2014



The current and future role of the medical oncologist in the professional care for cancer patients: a position paper by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)

R. A. Popescu, R. Schäfer, R. Califano, R. Eckert, R. Coleman, J.-Y. Douillard, A. Cervantes, P. G. Casali, C. Sessa, E. van Cutsem, E. de Vries, N. Pavlidis, K. Fumasoli, B. Wörmann, H. Samonigg, S. Cascinu, J. J. Cruz Hernández, A. J. Howard, F. Ciardiello, R. A. Stahel, M. Piccart

Caring for the oncologist: caregiver stress and staff support in oncology

C. Langenaeken, W. Rombouts


New oncology reimbursements in Belgium

T. Feys, MBA, P. Specenier