Volume 12, Issue 7, November 2018



Treatment-induced anaemia in solid tumours with emphasis on newer anti-cancer drugs

D. Schrijvers

MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis, surgical or radiation treatment, focal therapy, active surveillance and follow-up

C. Standaert, P.J.L. De Visschere, S. Rottey, S. Buelens, N. Sundahl, G.M. Villeirs

Update on cancer in pregnancy

C. Maggen, V. Wolters, K. Van Calsteren, F. Amant

Screening for occult cancer in patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism: Belgian expert guidance

A. Awada, J.F. Baurain, P. Clement, P. Hainaut, S. Holbrechts, K. Jochmans, V. Mathieux, J. Mebis, M. Strijbos, C. Vulsteke, T. Vanassche, P. Verhamme

Artificial intelligence for the oncologist: hype, hubris or reality?

C. Vulsteke, M. del Pilar Ortega Arevalo, C. Mouton, K. Stam, R. Goethals, F. Ameye, C. Populaire, M. Peeters, P. Verdonck


Oncological topics presented at EAU 2018

H. Van Poppel