Immunotherapy has become a standard of care for patients with many different advanced solid tumors. However, boosting the immune system can induce immune related side effects, referred to as “immune-related adverse events” (irAEs). Because oncologists are not always familiar with these inflammatory autoimmune syndromes, the BSMO immunotaskforce has launched the immunomanager website which summarizes the treatment options for the most frequent irAEs including endocrine (e.g. hypo- and hyperthyroidism), digestive (e.g. colitis), pneumological (e.g. pneumonitis), dermatological and other types of irAEs. In the near future, the BSMO immunotaskforce plans to review these recommendations with Belgian organ specialists and their associations. We believe that through collaborations between organ specialists and oncologists we will be able to establish better recommendations, resulting in a better outcome for cancer patients who develop an irAE during immunotherapy.