Prostatopubic fistula and osteomyelitis of the pubic bone as severe complication after salvage high intensity focused ultrasound for prostate cancer: report of two cases

BJMO - volume 9, issue 7, december 2015

H. Van Den Bossche MD, R. Kokx MD, M. Albersen MD, PhD, C. Assenmacher MD, H. Van Poppel MD, PhD, S. Joniau MD, PhD


High-intensity focused ultrasound has been used as an alternative treatment for prostate cancer, as both primary or salvage treatment. It is considered a minimally invasive treatment modality. We recently needed to care for two patients with severe osteomyelitis of the pubic bone as a result of a prostatopubic fistula, after they underwent salvage high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment post-radiotherapy.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2015;9(7):290–95)

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