Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO) task force on breast cancer survivorship

BJMO - volume 7, issue 5, december 2013

E. de Azambuja MD, PhD, H. A. Azim Jr. MD, PhD, L. Buisseret MD, C. Langenaeken MD, D. T’Kint de Roodenbeke MD


Advances in screening, diagnostic procedures, surgical techniques, knowledge about molecular pathways and targets, and new treatment options have substantially improved the outcome of breast cancer patients. Care for breast cancer survivors has thus become an essential part of care for breast cancer patients. Therefore, the Belgian Society of Medical Oncology set-up a task force charged with developing guidance on issues important for breast cancer patients who have completed their primary treatment.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2013;7(5):142–55)

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