Real-life outcome of optimally treated patients with malignant glioma

BJMO - volume 6, issue 6, december 2012

C. Swinnen MD, S. Tousseyn , N. Vantomme , N. Claes , E. De Cuypere , G. Demeestere , L. Vanopdenbosch

Most outcome studies of malignant glioma are performed in tertiary referral centres and suffer from extensive selection and referral bias. The results are difficult to interpret due to combined data of maximally treated patients and partially treated patients. We prospectively studied the outcome of an unselected sequential cohort of 29 patients with malignant glioma who received maximal treatment according to present standard of care defined as macroscopic resection followed by chemoradiotherapy and adjuvant temozolomide. The median overall survival in our cohort was 13,3 months (SD 10,9 months). 6-month survival rate of 82,7%, and 12-month survival rate of 65,5%. 6-month progression free survival rate (PFS) of 75,8%. 12-months PFS of 48,3%. 2-year survival was 10,3%. However, the 5-year survival was 0%. In our unselected sequential cohort of newly diagnosed malignant glioma patients we observed good tumour control at one year, but not at two years. (BELG J MED ONCOL 2012;6:204–206)

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