Soft tissue sarcoma: the clinically relevant basics and an update on systemic therapy options for patients with advanced disease

BJMO - volume 7, issue 3, july 2013

P. Schöffski MD, MPH , D. Hompes MD, PhD, A. Wozniak PhD, H. Dumez MD, PhD, I. Samson MD, M. Stas PhD, F. Sinnaeve , O. Bechter MD, PhD, M. Debiec-Rychter MD, PhD, E. Van Limbergen MD, PhD, S. Pans MD, PhD, R. Sciot MD, PhD


Sarcomas are a group of rare solid tumours arising from mesenchymal or connective tissue. This review focuses on soft tissue sarcoma and covers general topics such as the epidemiology, age distribution, site of disease, histogenesis, histological subtypes, prognosis and outcome of treatment. In more detail the article reviews current systemic treatment standards and selected adverse events of agents such as doxorubicin, ifosfamide, trabectedin and pazopanib, and briefly highlights some drugs that are used off-label in rare subtypes of sarcoma.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2013;7(3):80–88)

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