The role of laparoscopy in the evaluation and treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer

BJMO - volume 6, issue 5, october 2012

J. Hauspy , B. Pouseele , J. Van Wiemeersch , A. Rutten MD, L. Verkinderen , P.A. Van Dam

Laparotomy has been the standard approach for diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer. The goal of this article was to collect and summarise the evidence concerning the use of laparoscopy in ovarian cancer. We performed a Medline search of studies and reviews about the laparoscopic approach for evaluation of surgery of ovarian cancer.

Laparoscopy appears to be a safe, accurate and patient-friendly alternative for laparotomy in primary surgery for early-stage ovarian cancer and in accurate staging and evaluation of operability in advanced ovarian cancer. Very little evidence is available on the role of laparoscopy in advanced ovarian cancer. (BELG J MED ONCOL 2012;6:157–163)

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